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Yes, you can.

In home/studio lessons can be tailored to the interest of the student.  Sessions cover a mix of still life, floral, cityscapes and non representational subjects.  Lessons run $20/hour for individual one-on-one sessions. Please contact for additional information.  Classes for gated or residential communities are also offered and can be tailored to the interest of the residents.  A water source for clean-up is required in the clubhouse as well as large tables and chairs to set up for the course.  Current classes listed below

Shore Birds - Sketch in the Field / Paint in the Studio

September 2-4, 2016                                                                             SUPPLY LIST 

Art Center of Corpus Christi                                                               361-884-6405
15 Studio hours                                                                                                 $275

Throughout the year coastal birds make Corpus Christi their home, and migratory birds winter there.  This workshop will cover field sketching and using your sketches to prepare for studio painting. We will meet to observe birds for sketching and photographing,, then in class we will have discussions on bird anatomy, behavior, and what to do with this information once you are back in the studio and ready to paint.

Studio Classes:
Beginning Watercolor
(furnished subject varies)

 9 Studio Hours  /  Fee $100

Watercolor instruction in the home of Debbie Cannatella for six students over a three-class period with individual instruction and demonstrations. Students to bring their own watercolor supplies or can use furnished supplies for $15 supply fee each session. Watercolor paper included in cost.

(dates to be announced)


note: occasional classes may cancel depending upon need.

3-day Workshop:​
Composition and Design in Water Media

Condensed 2-day October   26-27, 2018                                          SUPPLY LIST 

Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society                                             $130 members

Cincinnati Art Club, Cincinnati
14 Studio hours                                                                                   

This class is for the intermediate and advanced watercolor student or those using fluid acrylic in a watercolor manner on paper. It is geared toward participant's individual references and will focus on designing compositions to paint. Students will bring their own reference photos, create a value sketch, and paint their own composition. We will discuss elements and principles of design using their reference, so they will be able to edit their references and create a more interesting composition prior to painting. Individual attention will be given to each student daily and group critiques will be offered.

15 students maximum

3-day Workshop:
Painting Glass Subjects in Still Life Design
reflections, refractions and distortions

May 3-5, 2019                                                                                        SUPPLY LIST 

Women's Art and Cultural Center (The Barn)                                 $150 members

Mariemont, OH                                                                          $225 non- members

15 Studio hours                                                                                                 

Reflections, distortions, refractions are part of the magic that happens when viewing subjects through glass.  Learn how light bends through blades and planes of glass, while exploring the bounced reflections of color and how it affects shapes in the composition.

A complex drawing composition will be furnished for the class to paint together as well as demonstrations and individual attention. Students of all painting levels welcomed, however a familiarity with watercolor will be necessary.


Four students minimum

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