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I am often asked if I do commissions... Yes, I will take commissions, however, I don't accept them often, usually because my schedule is so busy. Many of my commissions are charged based on the size of the piece and the complexity of the composition.  As a "general" idea on cost, the following unframed sizes will give the clients a feel for the price.

Over-Sized 26"x40" watercolor: $1200-1500                         9x12 oil on linen panel: $300

Full-Size 22"x30" watercolor: $800-$1000                           12"x12" oil on linen panel: $500

Half-Size 22"x15" watercolor: $500-$600

Quarter-Size 11"x15" watercolor: $300-$350

Mini 6"x10" watercolor: $175

The usual procedure is to meet with the client about the intended composition and to do a photo-shoot, if applicable.  Then a sketch of the composition will be made where the client will sit down with me and discuss and/or approve of the composition. At that point, a 50% non-refundable deposit will be collected.  The remainder will be due at the time of the delivery of the artwork.  Many clients, however, will skip the need for an approved sketch.

Here are a few commissioned  watercolor images completed for previous clients.

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