February 14, 2019

Red Wing (sold) 9x12 Acrylic and Charcoal

The Red Wing Blackbird has become more fascinating to me as I watch them arrive with the heralding of spring.  The bright red shoulder wing of the breeding male is distinctive, as is their call.

February 13, 2019

The Raven (sold) - 9x12 Acrylic and Charcoal

After 40 years of painting in watercolor, I find myself bored a bit with the medium.  When exploring other mediums, I've always been uncomfortable and would shy away from the newness and go back to my familiar watercolor...

December 30, 2018

Every year, as autumn begins to deepen the colors of the land, I begin to journey inward.  For some reason, winter is my nesting season. Traditionally I nest in my home by veering from hammering and sawing on metal and slinging paint in my studio toward curling on the...

October 4, 2018

I'm exploring oil these days and am still on my kick of painting portraits and figures. This image I tried my hand at "grisaille", which is painting an underpainting of a monochromatic hue. But I was recently in a critique where the fellow members talked about how gris...

October 4, 2018

 I realized I hadn't updated this blog post in quite a while.  Here is the completed painting I did of my dad, titled "Storyteller", 22"x30" transparent watercolor

March 3, 2018

 Here is a painting currently in progress.  I spent most of the winter holidays with a nasty acute bronchial infection, and also discovered my new studio is quite chilly in the winter. So I spent the winter weaving upstairs in the house and am ready to pick this painti...

January 13, 2018

Its cold, its snowy, and the studio is chilled... so I nest and weave by the fireplace. Here is a Mardi Gras inspired theme for my recent kitchen towel set.