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Changing It Up

The Raven (sold) - 9x12 Acrylic and Charcoal

After 40 years of painting in watercolor, I find myself bored a bit with the medium. When exploring other mediums, I've always been uncomfortable and would shy away from the newness and go back to my familiar watercolor work. However, years of this has taught me that its time to step out of complacency and comfort and begin to play with new mediums. I've picked up oil, which I adore... but I've also recently begin playing with acrylic, a medium I swore I wouldn't get into. Actually, my daughter, a brilliant self-taught contemporary artist, has helped me get over my fear (and snobbery) of acrylic. I'm actually loving it... and maybe it is working in a new medium that I haven't mastered that has me excited. I'll never completely give up my watercolor... but I expect much more mixed media work on panels in my future.

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