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Planted in Kentucky

Certainly 2016 was a rough year... it began in January, as soon as the studio got unpacked in our new home in the historical district of Dallas, that we were relocating again. Thus, all artwork halted and life began to change once again. A year later I find myself in Union, Kentucky with cool breezes, surrounded by maples and sycamores, few mosquitos, a newly built home with a lovely deck... and after nearly a two-year hiatus that took me from Corpus Christi to Dallas to Kentucky, I'm finally unpacked and ready to begin to produce again. But all is meditative opportunity to rethink of the importance on what I want to devote my time to. So I weave, and I pound on silver at my jeweler's bench, and I paint in oil and watercolor, and I mentor children living in marginalized areas, and I begin an art club for a public school in Covington KY. And I travel. And I live. And I love.

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